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Take A Chance

Title: Take A Chance
Word Count: 1495
Description: He made her feel like she wasn’t that girl anymore. Like maybe she could do anything she wanted. Their friendship has been epic... but what will it take for it to become more?
Note: no background is really necessary to read this, but I did set it completely AU... no Cullens, no werewolves, no magic of any kind... Bella has been best friends with Jacob since they were kids, spending every summer in Forks, and she's lived there permanently for a few years now.

“So last week, you umm… you kissed me,” Bella stuffed her hands into her jean pockets as if it would somehow make the conversation easier. As if it would erase the self-imposed torture of the last week, when she had avoided Jacob, her best friend and favourite person in the world.

“Kiss you? Yes, I certainly did,” Jacob replied with a self-confident smile. Bella wondered if there was anything that could rattle Jacob’s self-esteem.

If the cockiness wasn’t borderline charming and definitely endearing, Bella was sure she would probably hate Jacob Black. She had always felt so small, so insignificant and awkward… and here was this boy – this beautiful, wonderful boy – who wouldn’t let anything get him down. She told herself that maybe this was why she kept him around. He made her feel like she wasn’t that girl anymore. Like maybe she could do anything she wanted.

“I’m sorry I ignored you this past week,” Bella sighed, scuffing her sneaker into the dirt outside Jacob’s house. “I was just totally shocked. You kissed me, and it seemed like it came out of nowhere.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t know I was in love with you,” Jacob rolled his eyes good-naturedly and paused to laugh, “As if it wasn’t the most obvious thing in the world.”

“It wasn’t!” Bella protested loudly, and then her voice quieted, “At least not to me.”

Bells,” Jacob’s tone of voice was teasing but exasperated, “Come on… Quil had a betting pool, for crying out loud. He took money from people who guessed how long it would take you to figure it out.” Jacob grinned at Bella’s astonished expression, “But hey, I’ve never been a gambler… I thought I would change the odds and be obvious about how I felt.”

Bella looked dazed. “I guess I always knew you had a crush on me … I just thought…” Bella’s words trailed off and she threw her arms in the air, “I don’t know, Jake.”

“Do you see me talking to any other girls? Do I spend time with any other girls?” Jacob shook his head, “And now that I’m thinking about it… do you spend time with any other guys? Bells, everyone always thinks we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. What does that say to you?”

Bella sighed, “Jake, you’re my best friend… I love you, I’m just…”

“Not in love with me,” Jacob finished her sentence, and he looked crushed, “Sure sure, I figured that out. I mean, after you ran away and then didn’t speak to me for a week. It was pretty obvious, I just… I hope I can change your mind.”

“No,” Bella crossed her arms over her chest, and for one second Jacob felt his heart plummeting even further into the ground. Bella’s eyes lit up in realization, “No no no… I didn’t mean ‘no’ like you couldn’t convince me.” She paused, “I just meant, that ‘no,’ that wasn’t what I was going to say.”

“Oh...” Jacob looked at Bella hopefully.

“I already told you that I was surprised,” Bella bit her lip, “I was honestly shocked, but I was also scared. I needed some time to think. That makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“Sure, it makes sense,” Jacob grabbed Bella’s hand with his own, and he looked contrite, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just needed you to know.”

Bella smiled at Jacob softly and squeezed his hand back, “I just mean that I don’t want to wreck our friendship… I love you too much to lose you.”

Jacob beamed at this, “But that’s what’s so perfect… we’ve been best friends for like… ever, right? So we’re always going to be friends. But Bells, I care about you as more than friends. And I think you like me more too… you’re just letting fear get in the way.”

Bella still felt a smidge of doubt, but it was wavering more every second under Jacob’s intense gaze.

“Come on, Bells… take a chance,” Jacob dared her playfully.

“You’ve never been a gambler,” Bella echoed his earlier words, “But I’ve never been much of a rebel.”

“Well, you’re legal… buy me a lottery ticket, okay? And then, in turn, you can take a chance,” Jacob smiled at Bella.

“Take a chance on you?” Bella asked, her mind wandering to the Abba lyrics: honey I’m still free, take a chance on me…

take a chance, take a chance, take a chance.

“You already know you can count on me. Take a chance on us,” Jacob clarified, “In fact, I dare you to kiss me.”

“You dare me to kiss you?” Bella laughed incredulously, “What are we? In fourth grade?”

“You just don’t want to take the dare,” Jacob smirked and let out a deep sigh, “Geeze… Bella Swan is afraid of a little kiss. What’s wrong, honey? Afraid you might like it too much?”

Bella’s mouth opened in indignation and then she clamped it shut again. She let out a high pitched ‘hmmf’ noise, and then stepped closer to Jacob, a fiery look of determination in her eyes. She clenched and unclenched her fists before reaching behind Jacob’s neck. Bella pulled Jacob’s face down to her level, crushing her lips against his. He automatically responded, pulling her body tight against his as their mouths continued to battle, full of frantic emotion. Bella’s fingers entangled themselves in Jacob’s hair, and she was certain she never wanted to pull away… except that she needed to breathe.

Bella stepped back a little, but Jacob wouldn’t release her from his arms. She was about to protest this restriction of movement, but then realized that one of her hands was still pressed flat against Jacob’s stomach.

Bella removed her hand and then cleared her throat, “Jake… wow. Err, I mean… Jake, we can’t know what this all means… it’s so new. I like it, it’s just…”

Bella was silenced by Jacob’s lips on hers again, this time gently and sweetly. He pulled away and looked down at her in awe.

“Bells,” he whispered as he stroked his thumb over her cheek. She looked up at him questioningly. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were lit up with some new emotion that Jacob had never seen on her before.

“This is complicated,” Bella’s sensible side voiced aloud.

“It doesn’t have to be,” Jacob said softly, his voice husky with emotion, “It could be simple… like this: I dare you to fall in love with me.”

“You can’t dare me to fall in love with you,” Bella shook her head. She took a deep breath and then let it out slowly, “You don’t have to dare me.”

“No?” Jacob studied the face of his best friend; the person he had always been able to read so easily. In this instance he had no idea what she was about to say.

“I’m already on my way,” Bella shrugged, “I’m ready to take the chance.”

“Just the answer I was looking for,” Jacob grinned and picked Bella up, swinging her around in circles.

“Ugh, stop it Jake… you’re going to make me sick,” Bella made a face, and Jacob hurriedly set her down.

“Not so charming, Miss Isabella… not so charming,” Jacob patted her lightly on the head.

“Whatever, Mister Jacob, a.k.a. the boy who used to eat crayons,” Bella grinned triumphantly.

“Hey!” Jacob exclaimed indignantly, “I was four!”

“Sure sure, I really believe you stopped then,” Bella giggled happily and began to run as Jacob came after her.

He caught up with her quickly and Bella raised her arms in surrender.

“This is really happening, right?” Jacob looked down at her happily, “I mean, I’m not going to wake up disappointed and in need of a cold shower, am I?”

“Jake!” Bella scolded him as her cheeks blushed scarlet. She hit him in the arm, and he wrapped his arms around her.

“So?” Jacob awaited her answer.

“It’s definitely real,” Bella confirmed.

“Excellent,” Jacob nodded. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, letting his lips rest there, close to her ear. “So… should we go get that lottery ticket?”

“Sure, why not,” Bella rolled her eyes, and they both began to laugh.

Jacob took Bella’s hand and they headed for Bella’s truck. As they began the drive to Forks, Bella was sure she was about to start analyzing every little detail of what happened in La Push. That was what she did, after all. Usually a pro/con list would have been forming in her mind already. Instead, Bella found herself reveling in the memory of Jacob’s embrace – so familiar, yet so different than before. She could recall perfectly the feeling of his lips on hers, and she couldn’t wait until it happened again.

Sure, Bella was still a bit afraid – still uncertain – but she knew that nothing in life was guaranteed. As the sun shone in through the truck windows and Jacob beamed along with it, Bella knew she had been right to take a chance.


Aww, so cute. I especially love the idea of of the lottery ticket.
thanks =)

this was initially supposed to be a 100 word drabble, and... well, that didn't work out. =b


I'm going to have a happy day now, thanks bb :D
hehe, glad to be of service?

glad you liked it =)
Haha, I can see Jake eating crayons.
“Take a chance on you?” Bella asked, her mind wandering to the Abba lyrics: honey I’m still free, take a chance on me…

take a chance, take a chance, take a chance.


Ha! I sang that in my head at the same time. So... I love this. And I love how they make perfect sense even to Bella with them being only human and all. If only there were no magic and no monsters. *sigh*
This was beautiful! :)
thanks so much! =)
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